The Pirate Queen: The Honeymoon

Our home cast at Kingdom Faire are thrilled to present our original theatrical production, The Pirate Queen. This unique interactive outdoor performance features five acts, each of which can be viewed on its own, but which work together to create an overall storyline that unfolds throughout the day. Each show features musical numbers, stage combat, humor, and drama, and will appeal to guests of all ages.

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Table of Contents


The Honeymoon

Amidst the political kerfuffle in Arden and Denmira, Princess Rose and Prince Sev embark on the hilariously futile quest to find a honeymoon spot that's both secluded and secure. Enter Briganta, with her knack for mischief and her solution: Mariti, an island famous for its privacy and its Thieves Market.

But wait, there’s more! As an extra precaution, Briganta insists on sending along some of her merry band of pirates. And who better to provide security than Captain Bonecrusher and her ragtag crew? They eagerly offer their services, whisking Rose and Sev away on their ship bound for Mariti.

And so, off they sail, with Rose and Sev wondering if they’ll end up honeymooning amidst treasure-hunting thieves and pirate shenanigans. But hey, at least it promises to be an adventure of a lifetime!


The Prologue

On the eve of her royal wedding, Liliana, crown princess of Arden, mysteriously vanishes, leaving behind her jilted groom, Prince Gilbert of Denmira, and jeapordizing a fragile alliance between the countries of Arden and Denmira. Suspicion falls everywhere, even on Liliana’s little sister, Rose, but after years of fruitless searching, a clue leads the Royals to the pirate town of Tolaguna.

Liliana’s father, King Armstrong, and Gilbert’s grandmother, the Dowager Queen Morgana of Denmira, join forces and set sail for Tolaguna, the stronghold of the Pirate Queen Briganta, where they believe Liliana is being held captive, determined to find the missing princess and save their alliance.

Unbeknownst to them, Liliana’s little sister Princess Rose, along with a trio of loyal friends, has also set sail for Tolaguna, disguised as a commoner, with an agenda of her own.

They arrive in Tolaguna on a festival day. All the mightiest pirate captains have gathered together under the rule of Pirate Queen Briganta to compete in a series of challenges. When the Royals arrive to crash the party in search of their missing princess, the competition gets interesting.

Who will prevail, Pirates or Royals? Come to Kingdom Faire and join us on the journey!

Chapter One

Upon reaching Tolaguna, Queen Morgana finds herself facing more stubborn pirates than expected. To infiltrate the Pirate Festival, Morgana employs a cunning spy tactic, joining the event where the winner snags a favor from Pirate Queen Briganta. Meanwhile, Princess Rose and her trusty guardsman sneak in, blending into the chaos caused by pirates mocking the Royal Navy.

As the festival unfolds, Morgana and Armstrong’s jaws drop when they realize Pirate Queen Briganta is none other than Princess Liliana, who couldn’t care less about marrying or ruling. Despite Morgana’s persistent matchmaking attempts, Briganta flat out refuses.

During the challenges, Princess Rose’s cover is blown by Briganta, leading to a hilarious showdown fueled by Rose’s vengeance for Liliana’s abandonment. Adding to the madness, Denmira’s royal secrets spill out, including the revelation that Pirate Captain Goldtooth is the ex-prince and Gilbert’s dad, while Gilbert himself proves to be Tolaguna’s unexpected dance floor star.

In a twist, Morgana strikes a desperate deal with Rose, only to be rejected after Rose emerges victorious against Briganta. Morgana’s grand scheme to conquer the kingdoms and the pirate turf backfires spectacularly, culminating in a slapstick showdown between pirates and the Denmiran Navy.

In the end, amidst the chaos, Rose and her guardsman, Sev, reveal their love, tying the knot with Liliana’s blessing. Morgana is captured, Gilbert decides to stay with his father and dance, and everyone prepares for a royal honeymoon, leaving behind a trail of laughter and unexpected alliances.