Tolaguna Still

Current Location: Tolaguna - Entry Two

I am still confined to the arena; however, I have discovered the location of the crown prince. He is living here in Tolaguna. I ran into him one night while wandering the fortress halls. He was choreographing a dance for next year’s Teen Choice Awards in Denmira. Apparently, that is why he was in Port Royal a few months ago. He proved to be an affable gentleman who had no hesitancy in answering a few of my questions. As it turns out, Captain Goldtooth is really the lost Prince Giret, the son of Queen Morgana. Gilbert learned this truth six months ago when the Queen attempted to invade Tolaguna. He has since made Tolaguna his full-time residence but has not renounced his claim to the Denmiran throne. More curiously, it appears the Queen has not denounced him, so it is possible I had the rare privilege of meeting my future king.

From Gilbert, I also learned the cause of Tolaguna’s uneasiness. Apparently, some months ago, the Kingdom of Orland was overthrown and King Musa was killed. The lords have thrown their support behind a mysterious new individual, whose name remains unknown. The Kingdoms of Ingmar and Borica have recently fallen and become vassals of Orland, and the new leader has declared themselves emperor. I can’t express in words the surprise and astonishment I felt upon hearing this news. They fear the Kingdom of Arden will be the Emperor’s next target. If his aim is to conquer all the known lands, I fear it is only a matter of time before he reaches the doorstep of Denmira. For now, it appears the Denmiran Navy, though weakened, poses a strong defense against the Emperor’s advances.

I was unable to ascertain more from Gilbert. Though what he knew was sizable, he had little knowledge of the actions of the Pirate Queen or any of her captains. He did agree to speak on my behalf with his father to allow me access outside the arena. Although it seems doubtful, I am beginning to think “guest” is a synonym for “prisoner” in Tolaguna. I have also not seen Sharkbait nor any of his crew for some time. It is possible he has resumed his trading route or is banned from the arena so as not to engage with me again. For the time being, I believe it is the former.