Current Location: Tolaguna

To my great disappointment, the Pirate Queen is not in Tolaguna. She set sail some days ago, and I was unable to ascertain where she and her crew had gone. Tolaguna is a naturally fortified peninsula with jagged rocks scattered about all points of approach. It appears much of the damage to Captain Sharkbait’s ship was not due to battle but his inability to adequately navigate the passage to the small cove beneath Tolaguna. The cove is some distance from the Pirate city, with only a small road leading to it. There are several sentries along the path, and it would be easy to dispatch even large armies who dare approach. The city itself is something to behold. Everything in it is an antonym unto itself: it is chaotic yet orderly, safe yet dangerous, beautiful yet terrifying, and the list goes on.

I was brought before one Captain Goldtooth, who was left in charge by the Pirate Queen upon her departure. After some harsh but fair admonishment to Sharkbait for bringing me to Tolaguna, I was able to make a plea for my life and my cause. Goldtooth was sympathetic and permitted me to stay as a guest at Tolaguna on the condition that I never write of its location. I promise to keep this vow. I will state that it is indeed in the western lands, yet unlike most of the western lands, it is abundant with fruit, vegetation, and wildlife.

While I have been here, I have seen several members of the Arden High Council and numerous trading vessels with goods that I believe must be from Arden. How they are able to trade via ship with Arden is unclear. As far as my research has discovered, Arden has no suitable trading port to accommodate such ships. Although I would have said the same for Tolaguna, I have no doubt the Pirates have figured out a solution. I have also not seen any other pirate captain outside the aforementioned Sharkbait and Goldtooth. There is a sense of tension and urgency here, although I am not sure of the cause yet, but I believe the two are tied together.

I hope to learn more from the merchants here, but I have not yet been permitted to leave the Queen’s arena. However, I have made gains in building trust and hope I can explore the city further.