My Journey Begins

I, Esker, the soon to be world famous explorer, have begun my quest to travel the known and unknown world.

Current Location: Port Royal

Today marks the 215th year since the fall of Miroligian, and I, against the desires of my father, Count Lecceno, have arrived in Port Royal, the capital city of Denmira. Though my accommodations are modest, they are comfortable, despite the inn next door being quite loud and often busy late into the night. The weather is fair but colder than I am accustomed to.

My search for Tolaguna has yielded much information. It appears the rumors are indeed true that the Queen and her navy suffered a great loss against the Pirate Queen’s forces. I can also confirm that the once lucrative trade route with Arden has been closed. The Queen herself has not been seen in public since her return over six months ago. However, the crown prince, Gilbert, was seen briefly two months ago. It doesn’t appear that he remained in Port Royal, and his whereabouts are unknown.

The docks are still bustling with trade, although I heard from various crew members that they no longer have access to the North Sea and the Isles of Leiticus. But alas, I wander. My aim is Tolaguna, and it was at the docks that I found my first clue. A curious ship was docked at the south end, not far from where I am currently lodging. It was unlike any ship I have seen—not because of its grandeur but its sheer unsuitability to be upon the water. It had holes throughout the hull mere feet above the waterline. Its mast was broken in three places and repaired with seaweed and rope. The railings upon the deck were rotten or missing altogether, and it did not appear to possess any system by which to anchor itself in the open seas. Its mainsail was a patchwork of fabric and clothing. Despite all of this, there it stood, defying all logic.

Further inquiries revealed the ship was a merchant trading vessel under the command of one Captain Matteus. What they were trading, I could not discover, but whatever it was had a stench that would repel a rat.

I have yet to discover the location of this captain. However, an old sailor I stumbled upon at the bar last night revealed that the vessel was bound for the western lands. Though risky, I have decided to stow away aboard the ship. If it is indeed headed westward, then it will bring me one step closer to reaching Tolaguna. It has been rumored to be somewhere on the coast of those lands. It is possible the merchant himself is trading with the Pirate city.