The World of Kingdom Faire


Capital of the Pirate Kingdom. How to reach Tolaguna is a close kept secret of all pirates


Kingdom in the southern plateu of the Runic Mountains. Rich in various precious metals and gems.


Largest Kingdom in the eastern lands by geography. Capital city is Port Royal.


Historical enemy of Denmira, they maintain a strong navy and land military. They are rich in resources especially Iron. Their capital is Glenmar


A large kingdom beyond the runic mountains. They are a trading partner of both Orland and Arden. Little else is known about them.


A Former state of Orland it was formed after the fall of Miroligian, it's primary trade is with Orland but it maintains a oceanic trade route with Leiticus via the North Sea.


A soverign island paradise, it is a common destination for nobles looking to find reprieve from the demands of the court.

The Great Deep

A violent region of the ocean where it is rumored a Kraken lives. Many ships have been lost to its depths. Crossing it eliminates siginificant time during cross ocean voyages yet few dare to attempt.


A series of connected islands along the North Sea, a large trading partner with multple eastern Kingdoms. Only reachable via the North Passage. It is said its eastern coast is uninhabitable.


Miroligian was the name of the last great kingdom which ruled the eastern kingdoms. It fell 215 years ago and its capital city is said to be at the bottom of Crystal Lake.

Crystal Lake

A lake so deep the bottom cannot be seen. It's water is clear and no vegetitation grows within it or along it. The water is said to burn the skin it formed at the time of the Fall of Miroligian and its creation is still a mystery.

Morgana Bay

A large trading port in Denmira and home to the Denmiran navy.