Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Where is the faire located?

Kingdom Faire is located in the town of Putnam Valley NY. All parking and drop off for the event shall be at the address below, and a free shuttle will take you to the festival site, which is just a few miles down the road from the parking area:

600 Lee Blvd, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 (Shuttle Service to Festival)

Why can’t I drive directly to the faire grounds?

The faire grounds do not have parking areas on site. Furthermore, the entrance to the grounds is via a single lane paved road, so to avoid logistical problems and traffic, the road has been closed except for our shuttles and residents of the direct vicinity. Our shuttles operate from Jefferson Valley Mall and the Peekskill train station, and will take you to and from the site quickly. We strongly encourage masks on the shuttles.

What about walking or biking to the site?

Not possible; the road would not allow for shuttles and pedestrians to safely share it. Shuttles are the only way in or out to the faire grounds, but it is a short journey and well worth it.

How do I get to the faire?

Travel directions will be found here.

Is there parking on site?

No. All parking is at the address above, and free shuttles will take you to the festival site. There is no cost to park. ADA shuttles will also be operating. If you have questions regarding accessibility or need additional accommodation, please contact

Where can I find lodging?

Here. There are various lodging options near the festival, including hotels, campgrounds and RV parks.

What are the dates of operation?

Every weekend + memorial day, April 30th 2022 through June 26th 2022.

What hours is the faire open?

The festival is open from 10am - 7pm ET, rain or shine. We will be open on Memorial day from 11am - 7pm ET.

Are there items available to rent for the day?

We have some accessible items available for rent. For options and availability, please email

Are there bathrooms on site?

Yes we have a unisex bathroom facility as well as various porta-potties throughout the grounds as well as ADA ones.

Ticket Information

All ticket info can be found here

When can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available for sale using the link above.

Can my ticket be refunded?

Tickets are non-refundable. However, in the unlikely event of a faire day cancellation, your tickets will be honored on another faire day of your choosing.

Can I re-enter after leaving the faire?

You are allowed to leave and return to the park as many times as you like. You will be stamped upon leaving if you wish to return.

Are there any other fees?

General Admission grants you access to all our shows and other entertainment. Games, food, and merchandise are available for purchase. We also have additional charges for premium experiences at the faire.

What if I need help or support relating to purchasing a Ticket?

You can access more ticket support through our partner Universe

Health & Safety

What is your COVID-19 policy?

We adhere to all current laws, rules, and regulations from local and state government regarding COVID-19.

Are the grounds ADA accessible?

The paths on the grounds are mostly level and can accommodate walkers, wheelchairs and other assistive devices, However, because of the natural terrain there are some areas that are not ADA accessible, our hospitality team will provide transportation to these areas for those who require it. We have designated accessible parking, shuttles, and a separate entrance for those who need more time to get through check in.

Is Smoking/Vaping permitted?

No. Location policies prohibit smoking of any kind on the premises. If you desire to smoke, you will have to leave the grounds to do so.

Are pets permitted?

Only ADA defined Service animals are permitted at the faire. ADA Service Animals. While we understand people’s love for their pets, crowds, noise, and various other elements of the faire would be stressful to pets who are not trained for such things.


What Weapons/Props can I bring?

No firearms of any kind are allowed on the festival grounds. Attempting to bring a firearm may be a violation of law and will be prosecuted. Replica non-firing flintlock pistols are allowed as part of a costume and will be inspected before entry.

Any swords, rapiers, or other similar weapons are allowed as part of a costume, but must be sheathed and tied. If they are not, they will be zip tied upon entry. Any attempt to tamper or remove the ties or zip ties shall result in your expulsion from the faire grounds. No unsecured weapons shall be allowed into the festival site. All weapons should be Props anything deemed hazardous to others by our staff may be restricted. If staff restricts a weapon/prop from entry it will be held at security and can be picked up upon exit.

Can I bring a professional camera equipment?

We have a list of what is not allowed at our event which can be found in our Code of Conduct.

Working at the Faire

How can I sell goods/services at the faire?

The best way is to apply is to email us at subject line “Vendor Inquiry”. There are limited spots available so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible to be considered.

What fees are associated with selling at the faire?

Fees are a percent of your gross sales and are determined by the type of seller you are. Crafters would pay an 8% fee while those operating a service would pay 20% for example. We are not charging a fixed flat rate this year for vendors as we are a new faire.

I am an independent performer, how do I participate?

If you have an independent act or show and would like to be a part of the faire, please email We have already booked several acts and are no longer booking for this season, but we are happy to hear about you for future seasons.

What if I want to audition for cast?

We have already cast our show for this season, and are not planning on having any additional auditions at this time.

I want to work at the faire, what should I do?

We have seasonal jobs available if you are interested in working at our faire please email a resume to