Pirate Queen

Formerly Princess Liliana of Arden. Briganta fled Arden and through a series of impressive feats united the Pirate crews and established their capital Tolguna in the western lands. She is the most feared of all pirates and brokered the alliance with Arden solidifying Tolaguna as a power player on the world stage.


Princess of Arden

She is the younger sister of Briganta and the crown princess of Arden. Often brash and impulsive Rose has found herself in difficult situations with unusual frequency. However, not matter the circumstances she has always found a way out. Her marriage to Seven (Sev) marked the first time a royal has married a commoner in Arden's history.

Seven (Sev)

Prince of Arden

Sev comes from humble beginnings the son of farmer, he joined the Arden Military when he was 13 and worked his way to being one of Princess Rose's personal guardsman. He carried a secret torch for Rose for many years until he was able to confess his love for her during the battle of Tolaguna. He and Rose were married by Briganta and have been governing Arden ever since.


First Captain of the Pirate Queen

The second most feared pirate, Bonecrusher has been terrorizing the seas for several years and has never lost an encounter. She is the most trusted of all the Pirate Queen's captain's. Little is known about her beginnings but her deeds are well recorded throughout the eastern kingdoms.

Lord Kensico

Lord of Orland

Lord Kensico governs the lands of the silver and iron mines in the southern Runic Mountains. Little is known about him, he mostly spends his time at the Orland court or traveling the country.


Mayor of Mariti

Prudence is an eccentric business woman who took the small trading post of Mariti and turned it into a resort destination catering to commoners and nobles alike. She is married to this decades latest model husband: Adonis


Husband of Prudence

Adonis is Prudence's latest trophy husband, she gets a new one every decade or so. He is an accomplished singer and dancer who washed up on the shores of Mariti some years ago.


Queen of Denmira

Once set on conquering the eastern kingdom's Morgana has recently self exiled herself in her palace at Port Royal. She has a reputation of being fierce and cunning seizing power of Denmira after the death of her late husband. Even in exile she is feared by even her most powerful nobles.


King of Arden

He is the father of Rose and Briganta and is a true stateman always putting his country first. He has recently entered retirement and has left his daily commitments to the hands of Rose and Sev. He was instrumental in negotiating the Tolaguna alliance and has overseen a long period of peace and prosperity for Arden.


Second Captain of the Pirate Queen

Goldtooth was the former crown prince of Denmira, Prince Giret. Unlike the other pirates he commissioned his ship and hired his crew. He prefers to barter for the cargo of other ships instead of stealing, although at a steep discount. He has been accused of appropriating the pirate stereotype although he strongly denies this claim. He is an accomplished dancer and a trusted advisor of the Pirate Queen


Third Captain of the Pirate Queen

One of the most easy going pirate captain's Jameson prefers love over fighting. He is an accomplished distiller and his brew is said to heal even mortal wounds. But most of the time he can be found telling thrilling tales at various pubs through the kingdoms. Rumor has it the Queen of Navar has a large bounty on his head for reasons still unknown


Fourth Captain of the Pirate Queen

Known for having hte best food of any ship and for never leaving his captives without a taste of his reknown lobster bisque. Filet acts as Briganta's personal chef when in Tolaguna and often prepares her meals on long voyages. He is the quickest knife wielder on the seas and always prefers mincing to julienne


Fifth Captain of the Pirate Queen

Not so much a pirate as much as a courier, few have ever encountered them in battle and their only known exploits are delivering goods to and from Tolaguna. They do make an annual gift of food and toys to the Denmiran orphanage every winter.


Ancient Clan

Little is known about the Nosfari, legend tells they are an ancient clan that dwells deep in the Runic Mountains. Highly trained fighters and saboteurs. They have been credited with numerous regime changes, not least of which, the fall of Miroligian. Nobles fear them commoners revere them.


Denmiran Spy

A trusted ally of Morgana, Gabriella is a expert spy who infiltrated Tolaguna right under the nose of Briganta. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Divine Emperor

Emperor of Orland, Borica, and Ingmar

Nothing is known about the divine emperor, they rose to power after the fall of King Musa. They swiftly conquered Ingmar and Borica and it is said they plan on expanding their rule further.